TRC Health and Hygiene was established as a response of Towcester Racecourse’ commitment and responsibility towards the general public and its employees. Keeping safe during these uncertain times has become a day to day requirement.
As a major leader in racecourse events organisation, Towcester Racecourse understood that its staff and the publics wellbeing is the ultimate and main priority and hence we undertook the commitment to also become a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of health and hygiene products, also securing the provision of such products to other business and establishments in the market with our B2B service.
During this process, TRC Health and Hygiene developed a thorough knowledge base around the procedures involved for making sanitiser products and became fully certified to bring you a consistent range of products to help with combatting COVID-19 and other germs, whilst ensuring a safer environment for the public and stakeholders alike.
Tested to British standards EN1276 and EN1500 and made in line with guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO), TRC Health and Hygiene anti-bacterial hand sanitiser is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria. The minimum alcohol content of our product range is 70% which is 10% more than the required amount needed to kill bacteria and viruses.
For more information on our products or if you have an enquiry of any kind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.